Three escaped lions caught and killed in South Africa

A male lion bares his teeth

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It is the second time lions have escaped from the park this year

Three lions which had escaped from a world famous game reserve in South Africa on Sunday have been killed.

A farmer living near Kruger National Park (KNP) shot dead one of the males when he found all three eating one of his cows, a parks spokeswoman said.

He wounded another and a third ran away, Janine Raftopoulos added.

A search party of rangers decided to put down the wounded lion and the one which had escaped the farmer, Ms Raftopoulos said.

Initial reports indicated that four lions had escaped on Sunday, but parks officials have since said that evidence suggests only three escaped.

Staying safe at South Africa’s Lion Park

Runaway lion Sylvester given own pride

KNP is one of the biggest game reserves in Africa, covering an area of 7,523 sq miles (19,485 sq km).

It is not yet clear how the lions escaped from the park, which is largely fenced off.

Officials say they were probably driven out by population pressures when they broke out of the park.

The latest escape comes after five lions broke out of the same park in May. Four of them were caught but the fifth is still unaccounted for.

Three escaped lions caught and killed in South Africa

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