Lyda Borelli in La memoria dell’altro

Italian postcard. Stab. Tip. Valdiserra, Pescia. Postcard for the Cinematografo Massimo Libia, Piazza Cavour, Firenze [Florence]. Lyda Borelli in the Italian silent film La memoria dell’altro (Alberto degli Abbati, Gloria Film 1913). The film exists but up till now in a rather poorly preserved version. Let’s hope that for the upcoming edition of the Giornate del Cinema Muto – where the film will be projected – a good new restoration will be done.


La memoria dell’altro tells about the drama of the young female pilot Lyda (Borelli), who, despite being curted by the prince de Sèvres (Vittorio Rossi Pianelli), falls for the young journalist Mario (Mario Bonnard), even if the lattter is bethrothed. His fiancee Cesarina (letizia Quaranta) manages to separate the two and Lyda accepts the love and wealth of the prince. When by chance Mario and Lyda meet again in Venice, the flame is rekindled and they enjoy their love in Venice. They flee to Paris, but here fate hits upon them, Mario falls ill and they become very poor. Lyda only gets help from some apaches after dancing in a tavern, but the help comes too late for Mario. In her despair Lyda falls ill too and ends up in hospital. The prince visits her while she is dying herself, but her eyes are only for a photo of Mario.